Your brand. Their moments. Captured.

SocialBox is an interactive event marketing tool that attracts attention, collects consumer insights and provides a memorable experience.

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Elevate your next marketing campaign.

Stand out among the crowd when everyone is striving to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time and place.

Get Noticed


Add your look and feel to the outside and inside of SocialBox™ for a completely branded live experience.

Extend the impact online with custom tagged and watermarked social media posts seen by consumers and their friends and family.

Understand your consumers

Launch interactive sessions that allow you to understand consumer opinions through compelling surveys, polls about your brand and video testimonials.

Gain access to user social media data such as name, phone number, email and gender.

Engage the crowd


Attract people to interact with your brand through SocialBox™’s unique and modern look

Create lasting memories as event-goers enjoy taking fun pictures and recording video testimonials.

Customize the Experience


Personalize the applications, mobile to screen games, augmented reality and more to fit your exact campaign messaging.

Leverage the face-to-face impact with our trained brand ambassadors that connect with the crowd.

The only box you should put yourself in.

Photos & Videos

We know what people love when they go out with friends. Group selfies! So let’s give them what they want - and extend your campaign online through their networks.

Live screen feed

Give your audience celebrity status at the event on the big-screen filled with pictures and videos snapped inside of SocialBox™.


Knowledge is power and we want you to know as much as you can about your consumers while on site. Introduce compelling surveys to learn about your market.

Facebook & Twitter connectivity

The best part is that your campaign doesn’t just stay at the venue, it transcends through social media via Facebook and Twitter--all tagged and covered with your brand identity.


Your brand never looked so good covering the sleek box inside and out to represent your mission. Extend the branding onto fun take-aways like photo strips, photo holders and watermarked social media posts.

Mobile to screen interaction

Engage your audience at all moments with our on-the-spot mobiles to screen technology, take the opportunity to gain insights through polls while providing an additional avenue for entertainment.

Live Feed

Include your followers that can’t be there in person. Event content is easily streamed to in real-time to anywhere.

Custom email Campaigns

Custom email Campaigns

Give your audience a good reason to give you their email addresses! After entering their information, event-goers will receive a branded, customized email containing their photos



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