Bar-Bat Mitzvah Guide Part 3: Decor and Entertainment

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide: Part 3

Our first Mitzvah guide provided papery inspiration and some modern spins on guestbook ideas, while the second presented creative food and party favors. The third part of this guide will focus on decor and other entertaining ideas. Remember these are just ideas – you’re free to modify any part, such as the color palette, type of decor, etc. We hope that our Mitzvah guides can help transform your thoughts into an experience imbued with meaningful memories for your child, family and friends!

Tip: How you decorate your child’s Mitzvah can be as simple or ornate as you want, however, Social Box encourages you to be bold and experimental!

1. Outdoor settings can create the perfect mood and ambiance for a Mitzvah held in the evenings.
2. Try a retro or futuristic themed lounge.
3. Bohemian styled lounge with luxuriant colors.
4. The dreamy colors, playful lighting, and gorgeous sky painting captured in this lounge creates a  tranquil-like atmosphere for a charming occasion!
5. Another unconventional lounge with whimsical touches! The colorful lights that the lamps emit gives off such a delightful vibe!

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Tip: Floral decor make great centerpieces, but don’t be afraid to explore other decor options!

1. Try these Moroccan centerpieces (by Jay Guttveg of Creative Focus) to recreate your own enchanting Arabian Night theme. They are also great for a bohemian styled Mitzvah.
2. These centerpieces would be perfect for a Mitzvah thrown during Autumn.
3. Replace the usual floral decor with glasses, branches, and tea candles.
4. Perhaps balloon centerpieces can also be used as party favors for guests to bring home?
5. Left: This unique hanging centerpiece resembles the structure of an atom, but are played out elegantly.
Right: Who would have thought that fishbowls stacked upon each other would create such visionary appeal?
6. Another example of how tree branches and twigs can make sophisticated centerpieces. Transparent ornaments are another clever idea. Fill these ornaments with wintery bits or perhaps other tiny objects that reflects autumn, spring, or summer.

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Other decor

1. Left: These neon pillows were used as chargers and then cleverly placed as centerpieces after dinner. The glowing light from these pillows provided a playful night atmosphere.
Right: Cute customized helium orbs by BonBon. The decorative strings are a perfect way to dress up balloons. You can also fill transparent balloons with tiny bits of festive fun!
2. How about this awesome SWING to enhance the evening fun?
3. Don’t these Chinese lanterns make great ceiling decor?

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