Gazing Upwards, Frozen in Time

This installation had the SocialBox crew feeling frozen in time. By chance we came across The Jealous Curator‘s rant of its magnificence, and we could not agree more that we didn’t come up with an idea more brilliant! Breathtaking, whimsical, mesmerizing, we’re out of words to describe its majestic allure. Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger collaborated on this captivating installation entitled “Falling Garden” for the 50th Biennial of Venice a few years back at the Stan Staë Church on the Canale Grande. Just imagine lying underneath and gazing upwards at the scattered ornate objects just free floating (held up by transparent wires). The illusion must be an exhilarating feeling, much more than one watching clouds pass by, but a mystic float of the ordinary in an unordinary setting. Could you imagine placing this concept to your event? Whether it be a wedding or corporate event, one could not possibly go wrong in taking ideas from this awe-inspiring piece and breeding life into your party. There is something so stunning about the flowers, twigs, leaves, and various garden materials against the white backdrop. This is not only incredibly romantic, but it’s a subtle, elegant, yet incredibly festive splay of color. We can’t stop staring at the images, so we can’t even picture how it would feel experiencing it in person. Just magical.